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Fire and Ice
The Creators

The creators of Fire and Ice are George and Scott.
The head artist and web designer is David.

David: I am 15 years old, I love to draw, I like to eat too.
I hope to pursue a career in art, but right now I enjoy drawing pictures for the Fire and Ice newsletter. I am the head web designer for the newsletter and have learned a lot doing it. If it wasn't for me we probably would NEVER have a web site because George and Scott are to busy ( that means they are lazy) Any who, me and the guys are real good friends and we enjoy doing this. Later

Scott: I'm 17, I love to write, do blacksmithing, and practice karate (really it's a mix of kung-fu and kick-boxing). The reason David is the web-page guy is because I stink at computers, I probibly would be better if I would stop training and use them more. Anyway, I'm the head writer for the Fire and Ice newsletter, and yes I know that I used my friends in each story I've written, but it's easier for me to meet the dead-lines if I don't have to come up with new names etc. for each issue. Well anyway, Thanks to David for doing such a good job on the web page, and thanks for reading "THE FIRE AND ICE"!

George: (Since he never got around to writing this I'll do it for him) He's 19 years old, LIVES in a gym, likes karate, swordfighting, loud muisc, and most of all his girlfriend (is Girl Friend one word or two?). He also enjoys writing, and is in fact writing a book called The Final Chapter. Which we have a few chapters here from. I'll finish up by saying that he's our leader, and a good one too.

White Tiger Association

The White Tiger Association consits of the two brothers-George(leader)and Scott, David, and Matt.
Together they are unstopable, seprate they are a force to be recond with.