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Fire and Ice
On Fire


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(Hey every one! This Site is giving us no end of trouble, so we have swiched to "" the storys have been GREATLY updated and the site is doing well. PLEASE, come see it)Greetings, this is a safe place (if anywhere on this blasted planet can be called safe), a place to tell of your journeys, meet other wonderers, or have a mug of beer (rootbeer of course, right?) by yourself. Have a seat, for tonight at lease don't worry, you are safe.


Hey everyone, Scott here, I'm going to be writing part two of The Dark College and I need your help! I need ideas, and another person to put in the story. Help me by E-mailing me and telling me your ideas. If I use your's, I'll give you full credit. Thanks.

You think you know the Fire and Ice, huh?
If you can E-mail us the answer to these questions you'll win... well we'll put your name on this page as a master wanderer.
1. Where is Sir. Gavin from (town/country)?
2. What do Patrick, David, and Scott all have in common? (besides the fact they're all male)
3. What is Matt's code name?
4. who was Amon's Father's name?
5. What is "The Last Resort"?

If you want to say something to the visiters of The Fire and Ice, write to use and we'll put it hear.
Take care there's danger out there.

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