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Fire and Ice

Just a quick note, we've got alot of new stuff here at The fire and Ice, so please check out everything because alot of stuff has been updated and there are two new pages,
'On Fire.' and my new story 'Dessert of the East'. enjoy at your own risk!

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You have just landed on the planet of Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice, good and evil, life and death. Are they all not the same? The planet you have just stumbled upon is no place for the faint of heart. it's a world of adventure. For adventurers of all shapes and sizes. Any thing you want to do is on the planet, you just have to find the way to get there. I have brought you here to this island to let you know what you are getting yourself into. It is a safe haven for all the explorers that dare to venture on this unforgiving world. You are on the island of Wood, its proper name is Takara, the resting place.
Do not worry my friend I will give you all the tools you will need before I let you out to venture on your own. To the west of the island are the three Earths, past, present, future. You may want to go here first. Above us is the island of technology, and below is the islands of dinosaurs.
To the east is the Great desert and the continent of Fantasy and Mythology. I will give you a map so you can always remember the lay out of the planet.
I must rest now, pulling you here has drained much energy from this physical shell I call my body. Feel free to walk around, but I will not be held responsible if you do something foolish. Good luck my friend.


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