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Fire and Ice
Ask Siberian

After a long days work I like to sit down and have a drink or two. And while I am at it I answer some of my adoring fans questions.

Martini Glass, Filling

OK who's first?

(Someone wrote to us, and we're thrilled! The lost ninja of the south, is a friend of Siberian's, but we didn't ask him to write this so we count it as a real letter. Heed what he has to say. Scott.)

Dear Arctic ,or was it Russian? (I know your blasted name had something to do with the soviets.)

What sort of pansey advice are you giving your readers? No time for fighting and women, or some such nonsense ? I am, clearly, reffering to the "aynonomus w/reason" letter. I can boast no exceptional wisdom in such matters. None the less, there seems to be a rather simple solution to you'r friends dilema. First, just because this cretin is disturbing you at your place of work does not mean you need to deal with him there. Take care of the problem elsewhere, giving yourself whatever advantage you need. You don't loose your job, your girlfriend is none the wiser and the cretin has been tought a lesson. Never dodge a fight, just be sure you choose the time and place. Seems like a no-brainer to me there Mr. Huskey (or was it Siberian?).

Signed -
Lost ninja of the south.

Dear Siberian,
I think you are a power hungry megalomaniac and some one should put a stop to all your carnage, permanantly.

Well thats just peachy, I work day and night and what do I get from the people I am helping? Look here anonomous, you better watch your back. I...I...Aggghhhh. I can't take it any more. I...I ...I am a mealomaniac and I need help.
Wow that felt good.

Yo Tiger,
Why are you so mean with everyone. David has been with you for years (at least thats what I hear), why dont you trust him more?
Name withheld without a reason.

Trust, huh. Trust is an interesting concept, I trust David with my life, as you can and will see, but how sure can anyone be about what another person thinks? Ours is a cruel and deadly world. We all understand the attitude it takes to survive.

Yo, Siberian
Whos the giant with the tec-gloves? Why do your men carry swords if everyone else has guns? Lastly, can you tell anything about the next portion of the story?
Name withheld with an ok reason.

The guy with the giant metal glove is Gigas, or Dan, my personal bodyguard. He is far more powerful than any other human Ive ever encountered. The glove is called The Tool, its a gun, a drill, a mini chain saw, well it does a lot of things.
I know that Gigas often wishes he had never transformed into the giant he is now, but though its his pain, its our enemies pain as well. And it hurts them a lot more.

Yo, Siberian
theres this big guy at work that keeps trying to fight with me. Im a tough fighter, but Im afraid Ill get fired if I fight with him. My Girlfriend said to ignore him. What should I do?
Name withheld for a very good reason.
Dont get me wrong, Im a huge fan of the opposite sex, but as great as women are, they dont seem to grasp the concept that its Better to rip someones butt off and put it in a paper bag, than to be dishonored.-(I made that up myself actually) Not that not fighting is dishonorable, but sometimes if sometimes if someone needs a good beat down, THEN BRING IT ON! When youre done you can proudly say that you lost your job kicking some stupid jocks teeth in.
Well. Unless its gonna jeopardize your time with your woman.
Ahh, Crap.
Thats always the problem, kissing, fighting, they dont go well together.
Guess it comes down to whats more important to you.
Oh about the book, well you get to see how filthy dirty rich we are, and I think we kill some folks. Basically the same thing.

Tune in soon for some all new Q and A. (If you have a question, please write to us at


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