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Fire and Ice
The Final Chapter


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The Story Has been updated!!! Up to chapter FOUR! Enjoy.

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Chapter 1.

The darkness.

The only light coming into the room was from the half dozen monitors stacked on a large oak desk. Each one displayed a different scene of what would appear to be some type of casino, or the neon lit street outside. But the high backed chair was turned to a large silent monitor. The set came on and play was highlighted in the top corner of the screen. A poorly received picture of two children in a green backyard, complete with a broken swing set and worn faded picnic table. The two kids seemed to have wooden swords of some type, the volume level raised;
"What are you guys doing?" a woman's voice asked.
"Sword fighting, mom" remarked the older blonde boy asked in a "couldn't you tell?" voice.
"Were going to kill all the bad guys," said the younger dark haired boy in a very serious voice.
" We've got to train so we can't lose," he continued, the older boy looked at his brother questioningly
" Its just a game Scott" he said.
" Cant you boys play a game were nobody gets hurt?" the unseen mother asked.
" If we don't stop it who will, mom?" Scott asked, his eyes seemed very deep and very serious. The picture paused. He had seen that look before he saw it every time he killed a man or protected a criminal who worked for him. He had managed to put himself into a place were he could do anything, yet nothing, a place he never should have been at, he had tried to push away the guilt of his line of work, that he had stopped searching. But the dream, his dream the one he believed in so much that they had all been ready to die for it and, now it was over. Only those eyes. The eyes that some how knew what he was and what he was doing. He had to stop this, business couldn't go on day to day, he had to find some way out, but how, he'd lose everything! The people he protected, who would save them now? the questions filled his mind louder and louder. A car alarm went off in the street. A furious cry was heard as a sword exploded through the screen.

"Your katana is in the T.V." David said matter of factly as he picked up papers from around the room. " George, I am not your maid, you really got to clean your office!" David was not tall or big but was well muscled from the training his boss was so adamant about. Funny that his job required brains, unlike 80% of the other employees. He wore his uniform black cargo pants with his favorite sleeveless red shirt. His longish hair pushed back with his goggle glasses on his forehead, he looked, and acted like it was any other day. A shadow stepped into the doorway into the office. The person seemed to be wearing a cape of some kind. "Pausing for effect George?" David asked opening the blinds so light could come in . " I'm terrified, there, now come on help clean this place up. Tony is supposed to be here any minute. Man you must have been real ticked off to destroy the big screen, I'll get Dan to go get mine" He continued on. George stepped into the office over to his computer desk where the silver bladed katana lay. He wore a long black sort trench coat, but it had none of the luxury look of a trench, it also was made of leather. Under it he wore his black cargos and white tank, as was his custom. Slipping the sword into an unseen sheath under his jacket he watched as David took the tape out of the still working VCR. David swallowed and slowly turned around. Despite the fact that they had been friends for years when George was angry it still bothered him. Georges long blonde pony tail seemed to catch the draft from the open window as he started to speak. " Why David, why hide it from me?"
David looked genuinely scared, "I was going to show you, but" He droned off.
" You always get so upset when you think about the old days."
"And I wouldn't upset when I find out that you recovered some of my families tapes? Who'd you get it from! lucky I couldn't sleep and decided to check out what you were doing in that back lab you live in." He was beginning to yell.
" I got it from a warehouse raid last week, I was going to trace it back and tell you when I had more data!" David was beginning to yell back, some where in the back of his mind he knew he could never fight George and win, with out a gun, that is.
"David this is it! I can't do this again, he was right, you remember! You try to ignore it, work with it and it still gets worse!" George continued, walking around the room.
"What do you want to do George, throw it all away?! You can't change the past! He's gone!" David's voice changed from angry to sad, hurt, " And so is his dream."
There was silence for a moment, then a powerfully built man with short blonde hair stuck his head around the corner, " Guys quite fighting, Tony's here, and so is his gang" he added harshly. Being a normal business day he wore a gray double-breasted suit, on a mission you would never recognize him, or see him for that matter. David resumed his job " got there cars monitored" The man nodded. " Got a unit near gate 6?" Again the man nodded. George just stared out the window to the street below. Not much went on during the day, when it did the whole town noticed. "Good work Mat, just be ready," The big man, Mat, got a happy-go-lucky look on his face, the one he always got before something got started. He winked, "I'm all geared up and ready to fight, Dan's with gate 6 group." He disappeared from view David turned to George, Look Tony's coming, he's an important man and he's married to the dons youngest daughter, we don't need more enemies." George just snorted. David sat at his desk across the room from Georges, It was good for business to have their opponents stand between them, if George got in trouble, David was on the gun, and like wise George was on the sword, as he seemed to use it more frequently. " Remember, your not just George anymore, your Siberian now.
" Hi Siberian!, How's youse all doin'?" A rather short rather fat man dressed in a fine black suit strolled in through the door as if he owned the place. Two men, his bodyguards, who dressed similarly, flanked him. They all wore .45's openly on their belts, and you could be sure that they had other weapons hidden from view. "Some things don't change" George thought as the mafia lord faked his happiness at seeing his rivals and recently his betters in the market of under world government.
"I could do better Tony," George said walking up to shake hands with him. There was no warmth to his voice. David began to feel even more uncomfortable. He realized that the men had taken little notice of him, thinking him to be some peon of "Siberians". He slowly reached under his desk and placed his hand on a hidden release switch. "Probably won't need it but, just incase." he thought. Tony began by small talking about what an sob the governor was, how hard he'd been working and commending George for how quick his rise to prominence in Florida had been. "What do you want Tony?" George asked rather coldly. " You didn't come here to talk about the weather". Tony looked a little peeved that George didn't kiss up while he had the chance, but he just shrugged and went into his deal. "Well, the U.N experimental science dept. has been looking for a new Florida-Caribbean branch lab, ever since some nutso right wing conservatives group razed it to the ground, remember that?" there was no sarcasm in Tony's voice, but David winced a little just the same, that had been one of there first big missions after they had started the casino. The raid had been profitable, they had stolen many plans for all kinds of chemical weapons and other stuff, even data bases that had helped protect them later on, but the horrors they had seen in there they never forgot, David still saw the mutilated bodies, of those unfortunate enough to be deemed "study material".
George didn't finch. Tony continued on, " best work I ever saw by a right winger, but as luck would have it some big wig, which I have managed to become friends with has offered to buy"- George cut him off saying, " If this is about the 31st and Ferris rd section, you can forget it. And I was offered the same thing, your friends have nothing to do with it." Tony was not daunted, yet, though he seemed agitated his men stiffened a little, as did David behind them. " Siberian, I hate to remind you but only own about half the area, I own the other half, besides, their offering level 9 clearance for any one who works under us! You can't place monetary value on that!!" he said kind of laughing at what a fool the Expt. Science rep was being. George was not laughing. The fake smile Tony wore faded. "No." he said " you cant place any value on what they do to people in those hell hole labs of theirs!" he was angry now. And so was Tony. " Listen hears mister tiger! You walk around with your weird clothes and fancy cars but your not that big of a fish, you may of done well in Sandpalm, but its just one city, you that this fake morality get in your way and you'll go out faster than you came in!" George was too angry not to talk this now. " It doesn't take morality to see that when body part harvesting is a common place occurrence, things have gone to far, and I don't want those children killing scum bags in my city! At this point Tony's men were getting nervous, many an under world meeting was loud course and rough, but they had to wait for either George to attack or for Tony to give them the go ahead, if they were to shoot George in his part of town, in his own headquarters they'd never have a chance.
David kept his calm poker face and relaxed demeanor, but his finger tightened around the release switch. Tony's heavy jowed face was red and he barked out obscenities about everything he could think of. George had grown quite; he kind of lowered his head as if he was rethinking what he had said. ". And how are you going to do that huh! You don't know, of course not, you're a kid, a punk, you get your self this team of wannabe super heroes, and live in some falling a part resort town, in New York buddy, we handle business different, so either you drop this" George stopped his tirade, raising an open hand as if to say, "peace". "Look Tony, I see I shouldn't have argued with you," David drew a quite relieved breath, as did the bodyguards. He continued "Its stupid of me to argue" a look of winning pleasure shown on Tony's face, "kid" he thought, "Doesn't realize what kind of potential he's got, true he needs some breaking in but that will come.." " It was stupid to talk to some pig faced bottom feeder like you!" in a fluid motion he hammered one hand into Tony's chest the other lifted him by the throat a foot of the ground. " Oh crap!" David said threw his teeth as he and the body guards both went for there weapons, a silenced pistol fell into his waiting sweaty hand, WIZ-THUK! WIZ-THUK! Two shells lodged into the back of one guard, confused the slower drawing man turned to David he fired before he had raised the gun fully emptying two bullets into the wall next to David, David lept to the other side of his desk and shot the man at almost point blank range. Siberian never took his eyes from Tonys. David cocked his gun and started to pull identification from one of the men, ignoring the blood that was slowly pumping from the holes in the mans body. "Scared now Tony! I'm scared; I'm so scared right now I' ve gone nuts! The worst thing is I have to let you go!" He threw him down and turned around looking out the window into the streets below "get out." Don't bother me again. Tony glanced at David pulling wallets out of the men's pockets, "the guy is crazy"! He thought, then the anger washed over him, he reached for his .45, " You son of a-!" As if in slow motion He saw Siberian leap in a kind of no hand cartwheel, silhouetted by the window behind him he saw the flash of steel and then "Tell Satan I declare war." George spoke quietly as he stood over the body of the headless corps. Anger dripped from his words, and yet great sadness as well. David looked up a disgusted look washed over his face, " Oh Barf." George looked at David, as if to ask, " Ah, what now?" David stared back blankly. A scratchy electronic voice startled them both, " I heard gun fire, is everything okay! It was Mat. George looked at David again then his leadership qualities took over he calmly walked over to his desk where the walkie lay. " Were fine Wraith." He said using Mats mission name. "Waste their cars", " You sure?" "Waste them". David stood slowly as the gunfire erupted from out side a block or two from were they stood. There was a parking lot and several fences to keep cars from this part of the Casino, Yet where Tony's mafia men were standing ever so vigilant both sides of the street housed a stand by ready force of men. The windows flew open as rifles and shotguns opened fire on the modified cars the mafia drove The mafia took cover as Mat radioed to his various men where to direct fire there had been five cars but one had been lit on fire from a lucky shot, Tony's guys were armed with machine guns and opened fire on the buildings around them, but it was hard to tell who was shooting, and where it was coming from, the obvious leader motioned to run, the remaining men still alive running like ants on a skillet ran from their smoking ripped up cars they were using as cover for Tony's bullet proof sedan. Only three guys out of five made it to the car as it tore off leaving them to the unrelenting fire. "Gate 6, there running! Matt yelled excitedly, He didn't get to use such loud powerful guns, and he found it thrilling, "Were on the Job" came back a rather deep voice. A block and a half from where the car was headed a garage door opened on one side of the city street a half dozen men wearing black pants light armored vests and ninja masks charged to the other side of the road they scattered Quickly but methodically, bunches of over sized caltrops, foot spikes. The men also carried short straight ninja blades but the M-16's were in their hands. One man still stood in the Garage; he looked like three men, maybe four. Ducking slightly as he came out of the garage he stood about nine and a half foot tall, he easily weighed 800, possibly 900 lbs. Unreal, yes, impossible, yes, but these were impossible times. The giant wore no shirt and black pants, on his right arm and hand he wore an incredible oversized silver metal glove, making his huge hand and forearm bigger than it already was. The glove was made of some corded metal, but the knuckle and forearm part was a steel housing unit fore some special weapon. The car hit the caltrops and blew its rear tires, they were special tires, but they had already been brought to their limit. The car began sliding around almost hitting some of the men as they leapt aside. Finally it halted the sunroof opened and a man popped out firing a machine gun, screaming curses. Smoke filled the air from tires and the mans gunfire he caught two men of guard hitting them and taking them down. The giant roared and quickly raised his armored fist at the shooter. Touching an unseen button on its palm a small raised "knuckle" over the pointer finger slid in and a seven inch barrel shot out, a large bullet ripped out as the shell clanged to the cracked pavement. The man blew backward and collapsed on the roof of the car. There was movement in the car as the survivors tried to think as to their escape. Siberians black clad men looked to the giant for an answer. The man strode over to the car. The barrel was no longer visible. With a great yell he brought his fist down onto the trunk of the car, the whole car slammed lo its axles as his hand went through the trunk into the ground. He seemed upset that it didn't smash better. Walking over to the hood he smashed the hood several times as the engine and trans fell on the ground. As if it was all planed, the black masked men began to pull the unconscious forms of the men through the falling off doors. The giant reached for the walkie-talkie on his belt. " Sorry Mat, we've got prisoners."

The narrow path.

The casino glowed in all its glory that night. "As much glory as something could have in this day and age." Wraith thought as his jet-black bike whizzed by the "front gate", you had to get through two security checks to get this far. Not that it was hard; almost any thing was allowed into the streets around the casino. It was called "The Last Resort", by locals, as a joke, a memory of the times when the whole world had come to sunny happy Florida as a vacation. Despite the general roughness and violence of the streets, this part of town was safer, and all of Siberians territory was "safer" than the rest of the city, Matt thought as he pulled into the rear parking lot. Pulling up to a gated barbwire fence he stopped and waited for the guards to come. Quick as lightning, two ninja-like men were in front of him rifles pointed at him. Matt had become used to the procedure, but it was sad to think that, in the beginning they had shot a lot of people right here as they had fought for power, it seemed like things were about to get rough again, starting again, beginning again. "Id." Barked one man. Matt took of his bulletproof helmet. He smiled, "good work guys, nice and scary. As if you don't recognize my motorcycle." One man pulled down his mask, "Never know Cap'n, could be a trick, some one wearing a jumpsuit and helmet like yours, on a matching bike! Gotta rake you over the coals!" They opened the gate and Matt rode through to the rear garage, on the very back of the Casino. He noted the gold lowered Lexus. "Know we start the coal raking."
As the door swung open on the meeting room Matt recognized the faces of the leaders of The White Tiger association; David, code named 'Falcon', one of the originals from way back, Georges tech man and aid, Dan 'Thor', a mutegenicaly enhanced giant, body guard and little brother to George, Alex, who had never really used a code name (except Boss to his men), and the newest member, Maria, the beautiful international matador and long time girlfriend of Siberians, who had come to power quickly by his hand. And then there was himself, Matt. Called Wraith, a ninja, martial artist, and leader of the Tiger guard, the ninja solider army that protected Siberians territory. He had been in it since the beginning, way back when they were kids practicing fighting, ninjitsu, guitar, everything. Of course one was missing, butt.
" Okay people, sit down, Matt's here." Dan's booming voice announced. They took their places around the round table, except Dan who pulled a huge armchair up a few feet away from the table. Alex was quite the Columbian drug lord that he was his hair was cut short and clean, each ear sported 3 earrings. He was dressed in a tan suit that complimented his dark skin. He set his leather brief case on the table. " I have some things I need to discuss." George seemed calm.
"I figured you would Alex." He said leaning back in his leather chair.
"Its easy to see, George," his accent was pretty thick, but they were all used to it.
"Whoa, before you guys start arguing about drugs and stuff, I got something to talk about real quick." David butted in with his relatively pushy attitude. George looked annoyed, but David continued, throwing a file on the table.
" We got some new kids on the block. Check out these pictures, unit 13 grabbed these during a routine police check." Matt leaned forward and opened the file. Flipping through it he raised his eyebrows interested. Passing the file around he said, " Whew, some one is packing some fire power, around here. I didn't read the report, how thorough were they?"
David laid an enlarged photo of a wasted Special Forces armored cruiser. " Very. They seem professional. They left no dead of their own, no trail or trace, only a bunch of toasted Gov. soldiers and equipment"
"Well, there obviously new to the business." Dan said.
"And they won't be around in the business for very long either" Alex said disapprovingly.
"Still, there boldness, to break into Florida is a credit to them, find out who they are, and why the want into this land of gods and beggars." George said.
"This leads me into what I was saying" Alex began. "To make short, you ask me foolish questions."
" There is nothing foolish about stopping the drug traffic Alex." Siberian said still calm.
"I know about your morals, these religious convictions, but, look, look at these reports!" He handed a stack of papers to Siberian. " You forget that you still live in America! You have UN cities here, down south there is no protection from anything, we need more money for more protection, and instead of helping, you tell me to cut 75% of our income!"
" Alex we'll help with what we can, but its more than just about protection, isn't it? You're used to this Drug Lord status that you have acquired!" George said a little loudly. Maria looked alarmed at David. David folded his hands looked skyward and mouthed prayers mutely.
"You worry about guns! Last week the Eco-blades set a pack of piranha dogs loose in one of our towns were our workers lived! You think that I can ignore the needs of my people! South America is being screwed over for everything in it! At least we pay our workers!"
"There's slave labor here Alex, I know, remember?" Matt said. Matt and David had been both been forced into the mills and done sweat shop work for about 6 months before George had come back.
"Not like there." Alex said darkly.
"Look Alex, I respect your motives, but God knows we don't need to be selling these people more problems! There still is the food market."
"God knows, huh, God doesn't give a"-
"Don't start Alex! God might of put you were you are to save your people" Maria said upset, at Alex irreverence.
"Why you care any way?" Alex said looking away "You just reap the rewards anyway!" Dan stood up pushing his car back suddenly, Alex flinched just a bit as the giant pointed a finger at him from across the table " Don't go there Alex! Were all sick of protecting your butt as you smuggle dope across the border! Maria never uses her relationship to make George do any thing!"
" Dan, sit down." George said exasperated.
"But he"
"Its okay. Sit down."
The giant growled a little then turned and slammed back into his chair fuming.
" Alex, we've come to far to end this at each others throats. He tried his best to make Alex listen. Alex looked away his face red with anger.
" It must be nice to have a personal giant to prove your points."
"Danny means well, look lets do this. He reached in to his duster and produced a few pieces of paper. "It's a contract. I'm willing to let you take my share of every thing I own in South America." David jumped in his chair he flashed a look at Matt like, "What's going on!?" Matt looked just as surprised and shrugged in reply. Even Alex was stunned. He took the contract and glanced down it. He looked at Siberian strangely, "Why?" he asked, "Why are you willing to lose so much over a mere protection agreement?"
George looked away into the dimly lit corner of the room. " Something is convicting me, more than, just God, or my conscience, both keep me awake at night, but a gathering power." He looked up slowly as if in a trance. Shaking his head as he came to stare at each of them. "And I must be ready."
"Dose that answer your question?" George finished knowing the effect his speech would have.
Alex nodded. " You are right. I shall not ask you to help again. Your offer is well received, and my men shall erase our ties with you. Let your conscience be at ease."
He smiled a little arrogantly, " maybe someday, we will not need to sell these so sought after herbs. But until my people are protected, business must go on. And God cannot stop me." Maria leaned against Georges shoulder, as she was sitting next to him, She felt his easy breathing, that he was calm about this deal. She wasn't, she had never trusted Alex, and she never would. If he was so concerned about his people, he would be more like George, offering food, jobs, and protection in return for which he was repaid with trust, and respect. Not fear, not to his allies.
The meeting closed as well as it could and George stood on the roof of the casino the lights casting their flashing green and gold light on him. The wind blew his long hair around; the cold night air pulled his skin tight on his sharp features and high cheekbones. Below a gold Lexus laid a bit of tire as it zoomed through the empty street below blowing old newspapers and plastic bags around. George leaned against a support beam holding some part of the sign up. He sighed. " That you Maria? I heard you coming'." "You always" do her soft voice said as she slowly walked from the service door across the cable strewn roof. "Better be careful, one of your snipers might shoot you by accident." She had a point. But he had already told Matt to radio the roof guard. Maria came and stood next to her tall boyfriend. She leaned against him. George looked down at her. Putting his arms around her he swayed slowly impervious to the wind, cold for Florida, even in December. She put her arms inside his duster for warmth. "I wonder if it was this cold here before the Western Nuke?" George ran his hand through her long black hair. "Nahh, when I was 17 I came here to visit an old friend" "That Josh?" She broke in. " Yeah. Good old Josh. Man, him and, well, he was a lot like my brother. All that honor and justice stuff really rang their bell. Huh, bet they'd like to see what I am now." Maria leaned back from George. Even in the artificial light her Spanish blood line was so beautiful, so evident, despite the fact she had been raised State side, her father an immigrant to America, a place were his family would have a better freer life, despite his matador fame.
"And what are you?" She said disapprovingly, " An underworld mobster? You may be a good actor 'Siberian' but I know you. You do what you must to protect whom you can. That's why I wanted to meet you. To help the man who had saved so many lives."
"Thanks Maria, but, it hasn't solved the problem. they still die they still starve, and even if the half a dozen cities I half way control are better, thousands, millions are still in ruin!"
"What you want George is a miracle, a dream, that might happen but you have to start somewhere." She paused as George looked up into the night sky. " What have you sensed, what you said in there?"
"I was meditating a few weeks ago," he began slowly telling her what he had told know one else. "And I felt a presence I had not felt in a long time. A bloodline of nobility, of old power. And that it was getting closer. I have felt the uneasiness increasing, even now I feel something, a static that will not allow me to disconnect from my worries."
"Who is it, what is it?" She asked, believing but confused.
"I believe it's the spirit of my brother." He said holding her close. As the wind blew around him he looked up into the depthless sky and watched a star plummet into the ocean a thousand miles away.
" He's proud of you, I'm sure," she said "I know I am."
George looked down at her soft features and dark eyes. He kissed her forehead lightly.
"The story has to begin some where."

And chapter 2!
Breaking the wall.

" Hey wake up bozos!" came a powerful voice.
The surviving gangsters had spent a wonderful night in a pitch-black room used to house prisoners somewhere inside the "Hunting grounds", Siberians fortified part of town. The door opened showing two disheartened, disheveled mobsters. Dan smiled big, only to scare the men. Something about a 9 and a half-foot man smiling like, your breakfast, chump, doses that. "We give! We'll talk! Uhh, what ever you want!" The one man said pleadingly. "Yeah! What ever you want, name it!" Dan looked thoughtful for a moment. They didn't know that Siberian had never killed prisoners, at least not yet. But until Matt got here to take them to the garbage freighter, " Well, Stand on one leg." Dan said seriously. One man looked at the other. "I knew it! I knew it would be like this!" He said half sobbing. "Shut up! Just do it!" Yelled the other man. Both stood on one leg, almost falling over. "Hmm, that wasn't very interesting. What else could I have you do to kill time till." he droned off thinking. The one man started to whimper.
"I got it! Try to stand on your hands!" Dan said excitedly.
They exchanged glances and then tried to do as he said.
Just then Matt came around the corner with his escort guard.
"Uh, can I ask what their doing?" He asked confused.
" They're standing, or trying to, stand on their hands, and they're not very good at it."
" May I ask why?"
" Well they said they wanted to do anything, so."
"Oh, come on, I'm just having a little fun with them, cant imagine what they'd do to us if they caught us!"
Despite the fact Matt was 6'3'', he still had to look up to look at Dan. "Dan, its totally against procedure to torture prisoners!"
"Torture? Who's torturing? They like it!"
Matt just shook his head and sighed. He motioned to his men. "Secure the prisoners. Take them to the transport truck." The two men in front moved forward and firmly grabbed the two men, who were totally confused, and marched them past Dan and Matt down to the transport truck. Matt looked at Dan. "Anyway, have you noticed anything strange about George lately?"
"Like what?" Dan asked as they began to walk down the hallway to the truck.
"Well he seems a little volatile, as if something's bothering him."
"You mean the fight yesterday with the mob? I think Tony had it coming." Dan said supportively.
"Yeah but think Dan, This isn't going to be unnoticed, I've already had to beef up the patrols and the net work is reporting a lot of action going on up north."
"Well, that's just life now days. Fighting, killing, and lot of great parties."
Dan said nonchalantly.
At the mansion grounds George stood in the training building. Several of the top men stood around as they watched Siberian work out.
SLAM, BUDDA, SLAM, BUDDA, WHACK, WACK, POW!! Siberians wrapped foot cut into the bag suspended from a pipe that ran across the ceiling.
Though the room was built like a warehouse, mostly because that was easiest and cheapest, this was the training hall of the great Tiger fighters. Siberian accepted many into his employee, mostly that they do a job in return for food, clothing, protection, but some of them became his soldiers. Here Matt himself and a few of the upper ranking officers trained the men. Currently, he was taking out his aggressions on the bag.
As his sweaty body pounded the bag his muscles tensed and rippled. The men had often remarked that there was never a man so thin yet so muscular. His body was more cut than anyone had seen anywhere else. WHACK RIIIIIIP!
David looked up from his laptop. "There goes another bag. We keep sure keep our employees busy with repairs don't we?"
George looked at David annoyed. "I just can't get the chain to break!" he said watching the sand pour on the ground. David didn't look up. "They only do that stuff in video games and comic books. That's why."
"Thor can do it Mr. Falcon, sir." Said one of the men.
George looked at David. "See!"
David looked up again. "Dan is from a comic book."
"Well I still think its possible." George said nudging the deflated bag.
The computer beeped. David looked up suddenly, "Hey, its Tyro on the jacknet. I mailed him last night and told him about the prison transfer."
"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. He walked over to the computer and looked over David's shoulder at the screen. As David opened the jacknet window George looked at one of the Soldiers who was now working out on another bag. "Come to think of it, did any body get those bodies out of my office?" The men exchanged worried glances.
The screen came to life as a Tyro appeared. Tyro was a lower level partner of Siberians who helped him accomplish his business across what was left of the civilized US. Tyro was stationed in Atlanta, a Fed city, meaning that security was much tighter and that the elite people actually tried to live "normal lives" while ignoring the diseased slums part of town. Such people were not allowed into the inner city, like any Fed place, such places bred people like Tyro and his gang. Tyro was a large powerful black man, scarred with cuts and tattoos, his head always shaven. He wore a black leather vest and as he came into view he smiled.
"Wazzup boys!" he said, " Heard your bustin' a lot of heads again!"
"Yeah, it's been great fun!" David said sarcastically. "I've killed 6 people this week!" He said faking a smile. Actually he had only killed two.
"Hey me too!" Tyro said laughing. "But any way, besides the scorecard keepn', you want the boys to take your prisoners way out in the boonies?"
"Yeah, like normal, but make sure they can survive where you but them, you know some small slum somewhere"
"You know, a bullet between the eyes could solve this problem real fast." Tyro said.
George leaned close to the screen "Tyro, if I ever catch you doing that in my name or to my prisoners, there will be a lot of bullets to worry about."
"I know big man, don't worry your way, as always, but let me fill you in on some info I been hear'n bout lately." Tyro replied becoming serious.
"What about" David asked "This about the Mafia mobilization, we'll handle them, after we show them that we got the necessary tech, they'll let it go and go back to communist Italy."
"Not about the Mob, Falcon, the crazy tech dudes from the UN."
"Tech dudes?" George said confused, " You mean Experimental Science Agents?"
"The whole sci-fi gang. I hate them more than any of our rivals," he said slamming one massive fist into his other open hand. "They run their organization like a #@!$ crack house! They lose their monsters and they run wild in the slums! They test their metal head soldiers on crowds, you know what I'm talk'n about!"
"I know." George said darkly, his mind flashing back to that mission where they had stolen the tech that had allowed them to jump ahead of the underworld crowd. The flayed bodies, the genetically enhanced animals, like piranha dogs, leach snakes, other things that had short tortured life spans only to take out small towns, militias, and for the pleasure of the corrupt and sadistic C.E.Os of the UN Security and Peace Forces.
"They tried to buy a chunk of Sandpalm, but I wouldn't hear about it. Do you need more weapons? What are they doing? Is it just Atlanta? Any report from D.C, Philly?
"Wish I could answer all o' that for ya. All I know is that they been building a Lab or something in the warehouse district, they torched what was there, I didn't know any body in that part, but I know a lot of folks lived in those big shacks."
David looked at George, "I guess that's what were in for next."
"Don't be so sure Dave, homeless folks don't have protection force or enough TNT to take out this town easy."
"It's not just that," Tyro paused as if what he was about to say would be hard to swallow. "Theres this new wannabe vamp gang hanging around. They seem to be living in the new labs, I know this sounds weird, but last night two of my guys were on patrol of the hood and someone, something, jumped them." Tyro looked away from the screen, as if the story bothered him. "Only one came back, and, he's not worth much. We got the women helpn him, but he seems crazed, like terrified of what he saw."
Afraid to ask, George hesitated, and then said, " What did he see?"
"It seems like a bunch of pale white Goths attacked them, normally we'd just waste 'em, but Nate says they took bullets! That they were stronger than a man should be, specially those diseased Goths! He says that they did something to Jack, the guy who didn't make it back, that they knocked him out by touching him! Once they had him they fought with Nate for a bit, tore him up bad, he says they had some weird blades. Anyway, their leader called them off sayin' that.." he swallowed as if it made him sick, "that Jacks blood was growing cold, to take what they had."
There was silence for a while. Cyborgs had been the most unbelievable thing they had seen, that and laser guns. But what was this about? Something out of some horror novel? Some dark slasher movie come to life, from back when people found that kind of fear entertaining?
"These guys were fighters, born and bred on the street." Tyro said.
"Don't worry Tyro, you need some big guns? You've got it." David said assuringly. " I've got some stuff in my lab that I haven't signed out yet, but you'll be the first."
"Thanks boss." Tyro said sadly. " I wish this crap be over."
"Don't we all." George said, echoing Tyros weariness.
"Another thing, Tyro, find out where there from, you say that there part of the X Science group? Find out why. See if this is going on any where else, also, I know you can't be there, but a few days from now is the meeting with my high ups, I'll send you anything that matters."
"You know it. I'll give you guys a shout next low usage time." He said referring to the Jacknet. "Peace."
With that Tyro blinked out of the screen. Siberian stood rigid. "Things are getting darker. I can sense it."
David couldn't help but agree, silently.

The white border cop car sped down the potholed and sand strewn highway as fast as its special issue V8 would go.
The sun had long ago set, giving The Knighthoods blacked out vehicles the camouflage they needed. They had long ago learned to drive with low lights in all but the direst situations.
" Again I'm sorry about the commander escaping sir." Thomas said over the c.b.
"You all did fine Thomas, we just didn't think that their commanding officer would run off like that."
Captain Reeves shouted angrily into his band radio. Still no reply, "probably jamming from the storm" Reeves looked back.
The Terrorists had apparently stolen a garbage boat and had forced a landing at Dock 15a, the boat had ran clean into the dock, and begun taking on water immediately, but not before the strange group of attackers had opened the cargo bay and drove out their trucks. The dock had a small grounds protection group, Reeves was in charge, or was, when he had run off, there wasn't much left off them. The men looked like medieval knights that had watched a lot of science fiction movies from the late 1900s. They carried swords as well as guns and used both with deadly accuracy. The smoke and fire from the now burning dock lit up the sky. Maybe that would get some help.
"Come in somebody!" Reeve yelled frantically.
The road was so dark and rough he almost went off a steep sandy embankment. If he could make it a few miles more the transmissions would probably go through. The Knighthood knew this as well.
Mourningstar spoke gravely into the c.b.. "Gohda, Samuel, bikes ready."
From the semi the men replied, one had a slight southern accent, the other, asian.
"How bad do we hit him?" Samuel asked over his helmet walkie.
"No time for games men, end it fast."
"We are ready, give the command sir." Replied the more serious asian man.
Of the convoy of three vehicles, a jeep, a van, and the 16 wheeler, the last vehicle held some of the knighthoods most precious weapons. The most precious was of course their armor. The armor like it, it was made of a plastic metal alloy that was non-ferrous, lightweight, virtually bullet proof and high mobility. However in a situation, the battle cycles were the most useful. The semi slowed down, the others pulled on into the star lit distance. One would think that there was no way to catch up in time to do much. The back of the truck burst open and a ramp slammed out onto the dusty, sandy road.
"Hurry men we lost cloud cover and his transmissions will start going through!"
"Yes Sir!"
Out of the back of the truck raced two import motorcycles, one midnight blue, and one hunter green. Their armored riders turned their steeds and tore down the road as smoke left their tiers.
Morningstars jeep couldn't quite keep up with the cruiser, probably from the weight of its weapons and equipment. He glanced down at the map lying on the passenger seat; a flashlight lay on it illuminating a certain area of Florida.
"If this map is still right at all, and I doubt it, were heading towards Sand palm City." He said to him self through his armored helmet. The helmets green eye visor glowed dully in the dark cab, throwing green light on the steering wheel.
"Governor Chapman's territory"He mumbled off.
VAAAAA-VA-VA- VAAA ZHOOM! Two bikes raced past him.
"Take him down, the rest of you fall back." Morning star said pressing his intercom button.
" We read you Dock Captain, Help is on the way. Armored car 156GAF is on route to you." Said the automated dispatch.
"One Armored car!" Reeves yelled. The bloody automated piece of crap computer always worked like that. "Probably a Comp-Car too. @%#!" Computer controlled vehicles never worked as well. Still at least he had some help now.
VAAAAAAA! Came the wine of the super bikes coming up from behind.
Reeves looked in his rear view window. "%$@!!" He yelled through gritted teeth.
He rolled down his window. "Not yet punks!" He yelled out the window. He snatched a grenade from his tactical vest. He released the lever counted to 5 and tossed, hoping it would explode in time.
"Look out Samuel!" Yelled Ghoda through his helmet mike! The grenade exploded in a phosphorus white green flash. Ghodas visor adjusted to the flash and he looked about for Samuel. There, off road, Samuel was pulling onto the road again.
"Sorry, didn't see that commin'." He said the excitement in his voice. "Had to go off road for a sec."
" Guys were approaching a bridge, according to the map, and there is a chance something's coming for back up, Thomas has something on the scanner." Mourningstar said hastily.
" Got it"
The bikes begun to pull up a long side the car, one on each side.
" Careful Samuel, he's armed." Ghoda cautioned. " Pull along side and lets strafe him to calm him down a bit."
There was no reply, none was needed, this was what they lived for, and the part they loved. The bikes pulled along side, their headlights shining painfully into Reeves mirrors.
POW, POW,POW, slammed bullets into the car on one side, Reeve swerved left to hit Ghoda. Ghoda weaved out skillfully.
Samuel drew his gun, and leveled it on the passenger window.
CRAAAAAAASH!! The window blew out all over Reeve, glass splinters catching the light like a million prisms.
"AGGHHAAA!" He screamed in fear, then in anger He yelled in a feral tone " End of the Road @$%$%!!" He swerved to the right fiercely, Samuel tried to avoid the car, but he had not realized that a guardrail now stood between hi and the shoulder. The road was leading onto the ramp up the bridge across a river. There in the rail there was an opening. He swerved for it. Barely making it, however, this piece of road led onto a piece of unfinished bridge. A single giant I beam connected it to the other side.
If Knights were allowed to swear, he would of. So would Ghoda.
"You Motherless evil doer!" He yelled angrily. Ghoda Placed the gun back in its holster and quickly drew his sword of his back.
"SHHHEE YAAA" He yelled, slashing into the side of the car.
Sparks flew as the sword came through the roof of the car an inch from Reeves head. But that wasn't the only blow.
SLASH, SLASH, the drivers side door had been shredded into metal ribbons. It Was one of those things that if Reeve or Ghoda had the time to notice might of found quite beautiful, The sparks flying backwards at over a hundred miles an hour, causing incredible streaks of fire.
Somehow, if only in hate, somehow Reeve held on. He grabbed his pistol and fired madly out the window, some hitting the inside of the shredded door.
He laughed madly, "We'll die together!" Blood from cuts ran down his face and his eyes were wide with insanity.
Ghoda dropped back, the bridge was terrible, he would lose control if he hit a rock, and, where was Samuel?
As if to answer his question he saw a shape come zooming over his head.
"Ghoda look out!" Samuel yelled, as his airborne bike landed in a shriek of steel and sparks. With no time to explain he pulled his gun and emptied it into the cars tiers as well as he could.
Reeve fought for control as his cruiser fish tailed wildly. He looked ahead. He smiled suddenly. The armored car was here. Suddenly as his blown tires lit on fire and smoke filled the cab, he got a look of terror. The car was headed straight for him. " Oh %$$#." He said coldly.
The Armored car was more like a tank on a car chassis. Being a computer and sensing its danger it fired its main cannon at the flaming car.
A Terrific ball of flame shot high into the night air.
Ghoda and Samuel ground to a screeching halt. Through the smoke road the attack car. A main gun sprouted from its top, like a tanks, and both a spotlight and a flamethrower were mounted on its front.
"Nuke it!" Yelled Samuel. Simultaneously they drew their guns and emptied their magazines into the vehicle. The spotlight clicked on and swung over to where they were.
"RUN!" Ghoda yelled, the bikes raced in the direction they came as a shell blew through the ground they had been standing on, as debris fell to the water 100 feet below.
As they retreated they had do move in and out of the rubble that the shells exploding around them kept showering them with.
A huge chunk of the support structure crashed down in their path. They slid to a halt.
"What did you do last time this happened!"? Ghoda asked.
"Jumped a huge I-beam." Samuel said looking around for an exit.
KABOOM! A shell exploded above there heads.
"Lose the bikes! On foot!" Ghoda yelled. Running to climb over a smaller piece of rubble, the car came racing into their area, power sliding into position. The spot light shone on them as they tried to run, but the rubble was everywhere and difficult to climb.
"Why doesn't it fire?" Samuel asked.
"Out of shells." Ghoda grunted as he hoisted himself onto the side of the bridge. "Now it will use its flamethrower."
Prophetically the machine began to spray fire in great billowing clouds as it slowly approached the men.
Ghoda looked down into the dark water. At the top of the bridge, they were a 150 feet above the water, easy. This far out, would they make it to land in the armor, let alone the fall. Samuel saw what Ghoda was thinking. He could feel the heat and smell the chemicals burning, 50 feet away.
"God help us." He said worriedly.
30 feet.
"Your servants are willing Lord, yet, let us live."
25 feet
"We must jum.." Ghoda was cut off as a roaring shape leapt the rubble.
As if in slow motion the Jeep landed and slid right in front of the car.
"Not my men, NOT TODAY!" Yelled Mourningstar pulling the trigger hidden under his wheel. Guns Popped out of the hood, huge silver barrels emptied their armor piercing shells into the car.
Ghoda and Samuel dove off the wall, but not into the ocean, but behind the Jeep.
The flamethrower had been blown off the Armored, but smoking, car, and they both ran away from the action. Let the leader handle this he thought.
The car, now with out weapons set its computers on drive and plowed straight at the Jeep, to smash it off the bridge.
Mourningstar grit his teeth and held the trigger down.
BAM! The car hit the Jeep, not doing damage but forcing it back.
Realizing the plan, Mourningstar hit the brakes and held the trigger. Still though it pushed him back.
Suddenly he threw it into reverse and cut his wheels to the side. The car grated past him and into the wall. The car tried to stop but a larger cannon produced from the top of the Jeep.
"Time to end this." Mourning star said coldly.
The silver cannon barked a deafing shot, the kick jolting the Jeep back a foot.
As the flaming mass soared out and downward to the water below, proceeded by chunks of steel and concrete, a silent voice spoke in Mourningstars head. He was close. Very close. To what, he was not certain. But he would need help. It would only be more difficult from here on out.
" The tiger." He said quietly as he listened to the explosive splashdown. He picked up the C.B.
"We need a place to make camp."
"I have a place sir. Where to then?" Thomas asked.
Mourningstar gazed into the dull city lights miles ahead.